Are you a Hardware Guru, a Software Titan or a Middle Ware Bear?

Are you a creative with Digital Art or are you a Gaming Enthusiast extraordinaire?

Is it UI that excites you, Data Security or all about Networking too?

Do you do databases for fun or use databases for the rush?

What about videos and graphics? Maybe you love the ability to mix Digital Music and Videos too?

Or are you a Writer?

Maybe a Blogger, a Social Media Mom and Megaphone for something Cool.

When was the last time you sat back and Gave Thanks for your ability to Think in Images and Patterns?

Yep. We Think in Images and Patterns.

We are the Digital Ones.

Have you ever met folks that aren't there yet with that aspect of life?

Can you feel their pain?

Have you ever wished you could share your Passion for Technology with others in a way that is meaningful to them while also giving them a glimpse into Our World easily too?

Every Citizen in a Healthy Commercial Society needs Basic Accounting Understanding and Basic Technology Literacy.

Unfortunately, that has been intentionally and nefariously omitted from many in schooling for the past 25 years. Many were deprived of it for the gain of others less worthy.

For you, catching on to this new wave of data management perfect for Small Businesses and Individuals in their own Commercial Plays will be a Piece of Cake. In a matter of a few hours you will grasp the concepts with images and ease.

You will move on to the files and come up to speed with a Breeze, and it's at that point you'll have an interesting decision to make.

With Pretty Pictures and Prose, we are sure to tickle some toes, but alas, we are only a Publisher.

What happens next is up to You.

Can you provide the Helping Hand to your fellow man in a way that allows him to get a glimpse of YOU as you become a Member of our Merry Little Band?


Yes You Can.

And It sounds like a Wonderful Plan!