@ YOU!

Start out by Verifying Our Claims with Testimonials and a Product Comparison For Starters...

Go to any of our Empowerment 1,2, 3 websites and check out the Testimonials and Product Comparison Details. If you are still unsure, find a Bookkeeper or CPA who is not wed to Quickbooks and Intuit and ask them what they see. In addition and/or alternatively, find a Small Business Person who has been bound by Quickbooks and ask them what they most want to be. You will find they all need to be set free, and you can quickly posses the skills to set them all free.

Empowerment for the End User
in YOU!

Empowerment for Coaches, Consultants & Educators


Put YOU First !!

We need technology oriented individuals to bring themselves up to speed on their very own Accounting and Financial Literacy first. To provide proper and healthy support to others you need to be fluent in these trades first.

For many, this will be a new trade in a new Platform Paradigm. For others only one or the other may be new. It's straight forward. So much so, you'll wonder why we've been moving so slow.

After that it will be time for you to decide if and how you can contribute to an ever increasing wave of Cosmic Financial Consciousness.

Suggestions for Free or Fee Based Services your Community Needs Most...

  1. Once you are up to speed with your very own Bookkeeping and Financial Literacy, you will clearly see where and how you can put your Technology and Communication Skills to use in a Free or Fee Based way to help others come up to speed happily.

  2. We are living in an Age where the Sun's the limit, yet we are living like mice in a maze. There's no need for this anymore. We've done our time and we've paid our dues. It's time for us to take the reigns and create the muse.

  3. Maybe you can start a Technology Club that works for you. Charge membership fees, manage private groups for education and support with custom support separate too? Or offer open house Sundays for folks at your Port with or without Computer Lab fees, or something of that sort. We have provided lots of suggestions below, and we have a long way to go.

  4. At our site for Technology Clubs we made a lot of suggestions for things needed most in communities that are non existent in proper ways today. Please check that out at https://Empowerment-4-Tech-Clubs.zap-accounting-software.com

And this is just the Beginning...

Start a mini or micro chapter of one of our Club Suggestions above with others and a common interest.
Here's to Clubs of Good Fortune.